Reuben Luke Guitarist


Music has been a major part of my life since early childhood. My father was an aspiring keyboard player who always had something cool playing on our old family record player. From Classic Rock, funk, even disco, I was exposed to a wide world of sounds.

I started hitting drums when I was 7 and my mother bought me my first acoustic guitar soon-after. I still remember figuring out the instrument on my own, spending sleepless nights learning songs by ear.

Fast forward to the present and I am lucky enough to be living in the center of the Rock and Roll world, Los Angeles. I moved here to go to Musicians Institute’s Guitar Institute of Technology and graduated from the program with honors and a prestigious Outstanding Guitarist award.

I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s in music at MI. While in school, I have been lucky to have worked with some amazing musicians and have played in venues steeped in music history on the Sunset Strip. Venues like The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Key Club, The Whiskey and The Cat Club.

I am writing and recording music constantly, working with some of the most talented artists in the city and teaching eager students, sharing what I know best and love the most, Music.

Welcome to my world of music

Live shots from various shows around Los Angeles